Gaylene has the most beautiful energy Chatting to Gaylene gave me so much clarity in terms of the self work I need to do with really good tools to help me do this.
We also did a crossing over which was so comforting and really beautiful.
Gaylene is so gifted and I really appreciate her taking her time to share this beautiful gift with me and will definitely do more sessions in future.

Shenai Subramany

Authentic, Psychic, relatable and most of all from the heart. My reading was accurate and very healing. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Nicolette Crystal

I highly recommend *speak to spirit with Gaylene* It was an awesome session and yes I will definitely be doing it again, Gaylene helped me connect with my loved ones it was so accurate100, and helped me with my personal battles I have been struggling with. I’m so humbled and feel so blessed to have had this Encounter. Thank you again Gaylene for your wonderful experience, your gift is greatly appreciated. Stay blessed always and May u continue to help others ย  innocent
Cheryl Denness

What a wonderful reading. Gaylene is amazing. She’s so comforting. I instantly felt at peace.. She was spot on with most, if not everything that she said. Would highly recommend her and would definitely make another booking. Thanks so much Gaylene. I’m pretty sure I’d sleep better tonight. โ™ก

Charissa Pillay

Had my first ever reading today.
OMG! What an absolutely awesome experience!
Gaylene was super intuitive and hit the nail on the head every time.
She had brilliant insight into my life, gave me some amazing advice and the affirmation I was looking for.
I would recommend Gaylene as a spiritual reader, coach and mentor! She is intuitive, honest, kind and an amazing cheerleader!
Thank you Gaylene for your time, energy, insight and positivity!
12 ๐ŸŒŸ rating!!

Tina Beckbessinger

Public Figure - The longest Living Heart & Double Lung Transplant Figure in Africa

I am shocked! You have totally blown me away! I am speechless! This does not happen often! I got goosebumps as Gaylene was telling me things about a loved one who passed! I am still trying to process it! So so true and accurate and just WOW! A thousand thank yous! You have no idea how much it means to me to have some form of contact with her! I am now content. I now know she is at peace! And still naughty and cheeky! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank you so so so much!

Karin Hook Franks

What an experience. I got more than I could ever imagine. Gaylene is blessed with such a gift and truly an earth angel. Highly recommended. I felt safe and blessed throughout the hour.
Lee-Anne Purse

Thank you for my reading, the message from my Nana brought me to tears,
Tears of validation
Tears of relief
And tears of love ๐Ÿ’•
I will forever be grateful xxx
Michelle Taylor

Gaylene, what an amazing experience. My ancestors are very strong minded. Having to tackle two together was not easy for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Wise words to the point and very accurate. Feeling grateful and blessed. Thank goodness for technology otherwise I would not have been able to receive this message today. Love and light to all ๐Ÿ’œ
Maureen Pedro

I had an amazing reading with Gaylene today and really appreciated her honestly and her straightforward answers to my questions. My reading was spot on and will certainly help me making better choices for the future. Thank you!
Tilanie Grote

Had a lovely reading with Gaylene, I needed some Clarity with a upcoming decision and wow did I get clarity!! Gaylene has a beautiful way of guiding you in the right direction and I felt I got exactly what I needed out of my reading. Thank you for your positive guidance and for what you do, you are beautiful and an inspiration to many! Xxxxxx
Shannon Osborne

Just had the most incredible reading done by Gaylene! I went in with something I thought I needed clarity on…And she was so amazing that she’s helped me get on the road to conquering something I’ve been struggling with my entire life. So many things that my heart and soul needed to read! Thank you so much Gaylene๐Ÿ’œ I truly apprecite it and you have started me on the path of finally letting go๐Ÿ˜€
Deveshni Kullen

I had the most amazing experience with Gaylene today. She did a reading with my dad and sister who passed away. She knew things that nobody knew, without me mentioning anything. Family members who I did not mention came through. This experience was just what I needed, exceeded all my expectations โค She has an amazing gift โค
Nadia von Molendorff

The most amazing reading with Gaylene. she was spot on with everything. She gave me so much closure . I highly recommend her.
Prelene Anahlia Lakraj

Wow Gaylene, what an amazing experience. my sister came through and Gaylene hit every point. It was not what I was expecting at all. Amazing validations and pure utter comfort. I cant tell you how much your reading meant to me. I feel so at peace now. I cant thank you enough. You have an amazing gift. โš˜
Nicola Moller

Gaylene is the most heart warming person to connect with. she is intuitive about everything. I had a beautiful session connecting with everything outdoors. my cards came through before I could complete what I was saying. I thoroughly enjoyed my one hour session and would highly recommend everyone to connect with her. thankful Grateful and Blessed
Prema Naidoo

Had an amazing reading today with Gaylene. She was able to give me great advice and was so in tune to what is happening in life. Loved all her advice and motivational messages and affirmations. Would 100% recommend. Thanks again Belinda in Australia
Belinda Fraley

I was sceptical, specially being done over WhatsApp. But gees I’m so glad we did it. you said things that only family would know. you made my heart happy today being able to connect with loved ones. Thank you so so much for this โค
Shelaine Gardner

I had a lovely reading with Gaylene. It was like chatting to a good friend who also happened to have some amazing advice. She was very spot on and once the reading was over I felt very at peace.
Bridget Fourie

Well worth it. I got some practical guidance around my business. Thank you
Jolande Heppell

The level of accuracy is amazing. Mind blown!! You are great at what you do Gaylene and I do have a clear view of needs to happen โค
Bonita Fourie Klusmann

I think if anything needs to be said is how casual Gaylene speaks. It feels real. It feels natural. It’s not all what you want to hear but what you need to hear. I am grateful for your time and contribution to my healing. I will replay your quote over and over again in my head. “It is gone, it cannot change, it cannot be redone, it cannot hurt you any longer”. ๐Ÿ’Thank you
Kayla Tasmin Munro

Thanks to Gaylene in spiritual healing I have gotten closure of my past experience… what this kind soul speaks about is so true and relevant.. I have had my reading done today an am astonished by the things which she was able to pick up… I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a spiritual healing or guidance done…..Thanks once again GAYLENE…
Sureka Naidoo

Had the most enlightening reading with Gaylene.Her positive energy & motivation is exactly what I needed. Such a phenomenal human being…..Thank you so much
Venie Brijrajh

Dankie Gaylene , het n wonderlike ervaring gehad vandag met jou.
Dankie vir jou tyd en dat jy ook alles so mooi verduidelik het aan my. Jy was spot on gewees!
Baie dankie vir jou๐ŸŒทโค๏ธ
Luzaan de Jager

Gaylene is very accurate in her readings, i was stunned by wht she came up with
Jason Miskey

I would absolutely recommend Gaylene! She gave me amazing advise and insight, which related to my life in every way! Thank you so much Gaylene! You are such a blessing xxx
Dominique Adele Williams