Dear Beautiful Souls,

Psychic Medium Gaylene here and I’m thrilled to share an incredible interview I recently had with Mystic Mag. We delved into my journey as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach. Reflecting on my path, gifts, and approach to helping others discover their abilities was enlightening.

From a young age, I desired to be a psychic medium. Little did I know, this desire would lead to awakening my gifts. Now, my mission is empowering others to awaken their talents too.

In the interview, I discuss connecting with the spiritual realm, balancing psychic insights with coaching advice, and upholding ethics. I share how my guidance positively impacted a client’s life, highlighting human resilience.

Discussing helping clients find purpose was a highlight. Each has a unique purpose. I reflect brilliance and illuminate paths, bringing joy.

I thank Mystic Mag for this platform to share. Thought-provoking questions allowed deep dives. To learn more about my journey, read the full interview on Mystic Mag’s site. Your discovery and empowerment journey await!

With love and light, Gaylene


Discover more about Psychic Medium & Soul Coach Gaylene in this insightful interview with Mystic Mag Written by Petar Vojinovic | Updated On August 17, 2023. Click image below to go the interview

Mystic Mag Gaylene

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