Soulful Conversations: Soul Whispering, Tarot Insights and Crossing Dimensions with Gaylene

Step into a realm of discovery and connection with Psychic Medium Gaylene. Through tarot readings, soul coaching, and crossing over, we bridge the spiritual and material. Join us for insights that uplift, guidance that empowers, and connections that transcend our reality.

Embark on the Cosmic Expedition of Your YOU-niverse!
Welcome, fellow cosmic explorer, to the most mind-bending journey of all—your very own YOU-niverse! I’m Gaylene, your trusty interstellar tour guide, and I’m about to take you on a trip that’ll make your chakras tingle and your aura sparkle.
🌌 Stellar Self-Discovery Awaits
Buckle up, my friend! We’re about to navigate the celestial highways of your inner cosmos, unraveling the nebulous mysteries and cosmic curiosities that make you, well, gloriously you. You’re not alone—join me in unraveling the enigma of your inner universe.
🌠 Destination: Authenticity Star
Our final stop? The heart of the YOU-niverse—where your true essence resides. Picture it: you, shining like a supernova, fully aligned with your cosmic mojo. Why settle for fitting in when you were born to stand out in the cosmic parade? Our mission is simple: help you find your unique orbit, the one that syncs with your truest desires. Get your spacesuit ready—your YOU-niverse expedition is about to launch!
🌙 Crossed-Over Connections: Where Medium Meets Wi-Fi
I’m not your everyday medium—I bridge the realms, reuniting you with departed loved ones and offering profound insights from the other side. Newsflash from beyond: your loved ones haven’t gone anywhere. I’m the cosmic switchboard operator connecting you to their celestial messages. It’s like texting, but for spirits. I’m your paranormal parlay partner, helping you connect with your dearly departed in ways that’d make Casper proud.
🃏 Tarot: Illuminating Paths
Dive into the art of tarot, where cards whisper stories of your potential futures. Remember, it’s not about predicting, but empowering your choices. Cards on the table—tarot isn’t about crystal balls and predicting lottery numbers. It’s like getting life advice from a deck of cards, and spoiler alert: you’re the main character.
💫 Life’s a Bumpy Ride—Let’s Navigate
Embrace your quirks and ditch the ordinary. Together, we’ll dodge cosmic potholes and dance under shooting stars to uncover your true, unabashedly awesome self.

Tighten your seatbelt and join the ride—let’s laugh, learn, and leap into the cosmos!

What can Gaylene help you with? Why book a reading with her? What can you expect?

Gaylene specialises in assisting people with past & current issues and guidance on future issues. Gaylene will be honest and straight forward with you in a gentle and kind manner. She is not someone who practises being the bearer of bad news however, so do not fear this in her readings.



Are you feeling lost, demotivated, scattered, low energy, tired, at a crossroads, uncertain, frustrated, drained, have you given up hope, overwhelmed, angry, anxious, down, bitter, unsure of where to next or just unable to find your purpose? Need guidance on future prospects, opportunities or challenges? Worried about making changes and need some validations?

Gaylene is extremely intuitive and can connect easily to people’s energy especially when you provide her with a photograph. She can pick up moods, feelings and emotions, blocks, illnesses (not always but often) and character. She can literally see into your soul and who you are at the core. This helps her to help you.

Gaylene can help you see within what’s lacking, what your self-limiting beliefs are and how you could be blocking your own progress and she will show you how to change this and what you need to do to start living your best life. She will guide and support you and help motivate you to take inspired actions toward your dreams and purpose. This may take longer than one session but in one session you can start and make a difference!


Love & All Relationships

Gaylene is a very good reader of people and can tell a lot about a person just from their energy either through communication or photographs. She intuitively connects directly to that person’s energy and can assess people’s intentions and motivations. She will be able to guide you on your relationship journey and help you discover repeating patterns and also help you realise where you really are in your relationships and where you stand and what you can do to make them better or how you can let go of those that are no longer serving you. She does this with love and kindness and with your best interests at heart always.



Gaylene has several years of experience in the corporate business world and as an entrepreneur. She can relate to many business concerns and issues. She has experience in marketing, advertising, photography, publishing, online media, sales, social media and more. Besides using her intuitive gifts to assist you with business issues she can rely on her experience as well. She will guide you on the best course of action moving forward and help you to implement new ways of thinking in terms of business strategies and manifesting for your business.


Spiritual Development

Gaylene can help you with your spiritual journey and development. Are you unsure about ‘Awakening’, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Consciousness’ and more? Would you like to explore your gifts and know more about Spirituality? Gaylene can help get you to a place of understanding.


Crossing Overs

Gaylene is a Medium and can connect to the spirit world and those who have crossed over. If you are wanting closure, if you just want to speak to them again or ask them something then she can help connect you and give you the answers or the peace you need to move on. Gaylene prefers using a photograph to connect with but sometimes folks will come through anyway without one. These readings are done in light and with the utmost gentleness.

Gaylene would like to honour a code of ethics and conditions below for this work that that she does so that her clients have peace of mind when using her services:


I will respect and honor my client’s free will and their right to walk their own path


My intentions are always to give my utmost to each client and uplift and empower them however I can


I do not judge or discriminate against any clients


I act as the channel for the messages between the client’s ‘Soul’ and earthly self.


I communicate what I sense, to the best of my ability and I will not always be 100% accurate but I will be transparent and honest at all times


I am discreet. I honor my clients’ rights to privacy and will release no information about my clients’ transactions with me to anyone else ever

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